KML file for 2019 Homer Epic

GPX file for 2019 Homer Epic 50 k

GPX file for 2019 Homer Epic 100 k

Printable map for the 2019 Homer Epic

Please note, the GPX files are GPS “tracks”, not GPS “routes”. These tracks show the footprint of the race, but they don’t reflect the direction you will travel. Both the 50 km and 100 km races will travel parts of these tracks more than once (for example, the first and last 6 km of both the 50 and 100 km races, and the entire middle out-and-back leg of the 100 km race). If you’re doing the 100 km race, you will need to download both GPX files as the 100 k track doesn’t include the 50 k track. The printable map should help explain the route.

The 50 km route has changed (as of March 12, 2019) in order to use more recently groomed trails and avoid a busier snowmachine trail. The race will use the “Caribou Lake” and “Danny Creek” trails instead of the “CCL” trail. This trail is 1.6 km longer, but is less hilly.