Homer Epic
Saturday, March 17, 2018


We will have a 50 km, 100 km and 150 km human-powered winter race in the Caribou Hills on the most scenic trails you will find. Ski, bike, or run. The race is capped to 100 participants, so don't miss your chance. Weather permitting, we will have a pisten bully groomed trail, suitable for skate-skiing. Updates will also appear on facebook.

Time Limit: 24 hours

Want a challenge, want to see the spectacular course, but don't want to race or be timed? No problem, do the Epic as a 30 mile tour (use "30 mile" option during sign-up). Same rules, gear, and conditions as for the race.

Schedule for the 2018 Epic

  • Friday, 16 March, 6 pm: social get-together and early bib pick-up at Alice's Champagne Palace, 195 E Pioneer Ave, Homer. 
  • Saturday, 17 March, 7 am: McNeil School: bib pick-up and mandatory pre-race meeting
  • 8 am: start of the 100 km and 50 km races
  • 8:10: start of the 30 mile (50 km) tour
  • Sunday, 18 March, 10 am: post-race social at the Bagel Shop, 3745 E End Rd, Kachemak City (behind Redden Marine/Gear Shed).


The route starts and ends at McNeil Canyon Elementary School and follows the Anchor River to the Caribou Lake Trailhead ("Blue Shed" Parking Lot), then heads to Caribou Lake and returns to McNeil Canyon Elementary School via the Matthew's Hill trail. More information on the route, including a map, Google Earth, and GPS info is available here. The 50 km route will complete the loop once (counter-clockwise) and the 100 km route will complete the route twice (counter-clockwise). 

Prior winter endurance experience

On registration form: Check the WINTER ultra races you’ve completed.  Such as Susitna 100, White Mountain 100, Sheep Mountain 150, Arrowhead 135, Ultra Sport, or OTHERS. If you have not completed one of our listed winter races, no worries! Then please list any cold weather human-powered long distance experience that shows you are capable of finishing this WINTER 50/100km event on snow machine trails over very hilly terrain (6470’+ of climbing) safely in under 24 hours.

NOTE: These are remote trails, MANY HOURS from help. If you break down during a snow storm you need to be self sufficient and safe and WARM. These are not groomed trails near town.

Cost: $155 for 100km, $120 for the 50 km, and $175 for the 150 km event

$255 late registration after 24 Feb. 2017. Early-bird special, if you register BEFORE 1 January 2018! 

$200 evacuation deposit to HCC. 

What you'll get: 

  • Awesome route
  • Checkpoints with water and snacks
  • Challenging and fun experience of a life time
  • Fame and glory
  • Finisher medal
  • Panorama views included if weather is good
  • Chance to win some amazing prices (total value > $1000)

Refund Policy:

Once paid, there will be no refunds. All proceeds after costs will support the good work of the Homer Cycling Club!

Required Gear

  • Hooded, insulated AND wind proof jacket (or equivalent)* – must fit OVER your racing layers*
  • Insulated AND wind proof bottoms (or Equivalent)*  – must fit OVER your racing layers*
  • Navigation aid (GPS with course or map and compass) and know how to use it
  • Headlamp (with new batteries, providing 12+ hours of useful light)
  • Rear flashing light must be used after 7:30 pm (with new batteries)
  • Two-quart (64 oz) insulated water container
  • Food: begin with enough calories for YOU to complete within 24 hours. 
  • Emergency rain gear if temperatures are near freezing
  • Emergency blanket (space blanket)
  • Whistle

*The emergency layers must be  WIND PROOF  and INSULATED  for: Entire body (including neck, head, and legs). The windproof jacket and pants either need to be: (fleece or down or synthetic down or wool) insulated wind proof layers or you must bring extra warm and dry layers for putting under windproof items. If you don’t have “hooded” wind proof jacket then you must have “windproof balaclava” (with sufficient insulated layer underneath) so neck and head are warm and protected from wind). 

Recommended Gear

  • Helmet
  • Reflective clothing and reflective tape on equipment – so you can be SEEN by snow machines
  • GPS
  • SPOT, InReach, or similar tracker
  • Fire starter or stove and matches or lighter
  • VHF radio or cell phone (note: cell phones and radios have VERY spotty reception IF at all)
  • Extreme conditions mittens & head/eye gear
  • Sleeping Bag and tarp or bivy if you think you need additional warmth besides the required gear to stay warm if stopped for hours on the trail due to emergency!
  • Extra layers top and bottom so you can REMOVE sweaty race cloths if you need to stop
  • Extra socks
  • Extra neck-gator, hat, headband, gloves, and glove liners
  • sun glasses, sun screen
  • Neoprene socks
  • Over-boots
  • Duct tape
  • Snow-shoes for runners in case conditions change
  • Knife or micro leatherman
  • 3,000 – 5,000 calories of extra emergency food
  • chemical hand and foot warmers
  • tools for your equipment
  • kick wax or climbing skins for skiers
  • first aid: ace bandage, mole skin, and Vaseline or bag balm (for body parts that rub)
  • extra batteries
  • camera
  • TP


  • #1, stay save!
  • # 2, have fun!
  • NO OUTSIDE HELP: You will be disqualified if you receive any food, water, extra gear, or any help from a non racer during the Homer Epic race outside of official check-points. You must carry everything you need from start to finish.
  • You can receive whatever is being offered by checkpoints. No stashes of extra gear, water, or food. You must carry everything you need from start to finish.
  • Non-participants are not allowed in check points and can not eat or drink any check point snacks or water.
  • You may receive some food, water, gear, or repair help from another racer if you are in dire straits and the other racer is willing and able to share and help.
  • You may change your mode of travel by pre-race meeting, but must let race officials know, i.e: if you were signed up for Run but you decide to Ski instead- you must be sure officials change your information at sign in. If you know SOONER than race day, email us (see link below).
  • Stay to the RIGHT SIDE of trail and always YIELD to the snow machines, (as you will hear the machines a long ways away).  They can go 70+ mph and will be coming from ALL directions.
  • Do NOT have loud iPods blocking outside sound of oncoming snow machines.
  • Must be 19 or over (or approved by HCC — see email link below).
  • You will be disqualified if you dump any gear or trash along the trail or at a check point.
  • Wear reflective tape or clothing
  • Blinking flashing light must be ON after 7:30 pm for your safety!
  • HCC has the right to not allow an entrant to race if they show up with wrong gear or do not appear self sufficient or prepared at the start of the race.
  • You must report back to McNeil school to let officials know you are done AND GET YOUR $200 RESCUE DEPOSIT CHECK BACK (if you were not rescued). If you were rescued you still need to report back to finish to let us know you are OK.
  • The course is sparsely marked, but navigation is your own responsibility. 
  • NO DOGS or other pets
  • ‪We do not want to keep your $200 evacuation deposit, but want to make sure you sign-out with us if you quit. You ‬have the option to quit and turn‪ back‬ on your own power‪ from any checkpoint on the road system, where you can call a friend to pick you up.

2018 Roster

(as of 4 February 2018)

distance First Name Last Name City State
50K Tracy Ballard Anchorage AK
50K Leisha Nolen Anchorage AK
50K Kelly Stromberg Long Beach CA
150K Lee Fisher Anchorage AK
100K Jacqueline Klecka Eagle River AK
100K Bobette Rowe Anchorage AK
100K Zack Strong Bozeman MT
50K Joe Martin Homer AK
100K Chuck Slagle Ketchikan AK
100K Kori Marchowsky Anchorage AK
150K Chris Robertson Anchorage AK
100K Zackery Wright Eagle River AK
50K Shantel Wiley Seward AK
50K Joshua Brown Eagle River AK
100K Wilson Platt Anchorage AK
50K Jonathan Richner Marysville WA
100K Fallon Connolly Anchorage AK
50K Jessie Goodrich Homer AK
50K Patrick Goodrich Homer AK

Thank you



We are super grateful to all of our sponsors and supporters, without whom we would not be able to put up this event! Please patronize their business. If you would like to bike, but don't have a fat bike, you can rent high quality fat bikes from two of our sponsors, Cycle Logical and Homer Saw and Cycle

2017 Results

First NameLast Namedist [km]catgenderBlue Shed 1McNeilBlue Shed 2finishtime to finishplace
JoshChelf100BikeM8:5511:35:5012:3414:22:006:21:301 M B 100
JillSimek100BikeF9:0211:14:1512:1814:22:066:21:361 F B 100
AmberBethe100BikeF8:5811:11:1512:1914:22:406:22:102 F B 100
MeganChelf100BikeF8:5511:40:5512:4014:32:316:32:013 F B 100
MartinRenner100BikeM8:5811:13:3212:2814:49:506:49:202 M B 100
JoshuaMumm100SkiM9:0911:22:1012:3814:55:006:54:301 M S 100
MattTanaka100BikeM9:0711:39:0413:1716:18:278:17:573 M B 100
BrianMarang100SkiM9:4312:58:1015:1118:56:2010:55:502 M S 100
MatthewJohnson100SkiM9:4713:52:2416:3521:37:0013:36:303 M S 100
LizTurner100SkiF9:5113:55:2316:3621:37:2013:36:501 F S 100
AuroraAgee100SkiF9:5214:02:3316:5221:57:1213:56:422 F S 100
MeghanDooley100SkiF9:5214:02:4216:5221:57:4713:57:173 F S 100
BobetteRowe100BikeF9:2412:08:05  DNF 
HeatherMoon100BikeF9:4012:53:20  DNF 
LislCoady100SkiF10:5217:20:07  DNF 
JanSpurkland100SkiM9:1011:35:20  DNF 
GregMills100SkiM10:5217:20:07  DNF 
CatheGrosshandler50BikeF9:07  11:42:353:42:051 F B 50
KaliGosser50BikeF9:42  13:01:155:00:452 F B 50
BrianKramp50SkiM9:47  13:08:115:07:411 M S 50
WesleyJones50BikeM9:33  13:24:005:23:301 M B 50
KathrynOstrom50BikeF9:43  13:31:155:30:453 F B 50
RobertOstrom50BikeM9:43  13:31:155:30:452 M B 50
ChuckSlagle50BikeM9:58  14:31:496:31:193 M B 50
LilaJohnson50RunF10:18  15:21:387:21:081 F R 50
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