Dear HCC Fat Bikers

For the past half-dozen or more years (I've honestly lost track), the Big Fat Bike Festival has been our marquee event.  Tens of volunteers have put in hundreds of hours every Spring to make this celebration a fun way to support our club and bring attention to the opportunities for fat biking in the Homer area.  From the start it's been a hit far and wide, and can boast to be the first event of its kind in the State of Alaska.  However, the past few years has seen a sharp decline in the numbers of participants, and as a board we are struggling to justify what really is a lot of work.  And so, we are seeking your input.  Please take a moment to take the below survey. 

Should it come to pass that the BFBF happens, the dates would be March 22rd, 23rd, and 24th of 2019.  

Check which one of the following options which best describes how you feel about BFBF 2019?